Designs From Another Planet

The Trilogy

Creating unique outstanding designs that incorporate pattern making in their development, Jatel Design Lamps offer a special experience with their custom parametric designs. Their patterned shapes and shadows bring a dynamic lighting effect to your interior spaces.

Our mission

Our mission at Jatel Design is to push the boundaries in creating new dynamic designs inspired by parametric forms and thus transforming your interior spaces.


Inspired by the geometries of outer space design, Navis Lamp is a testament to the shapes and dimensions of future space architecture. Like a rocket about to take off, Navis is shaped with aerodynamic precision cutting through the ether at lightning speed to new and unexplored destinations.

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With her curvilinear forms Solis is immediately catches the eye as her flares burst forth revealing the glow within, her form mimicking an interstellar sun.

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A picture of strength and stature, Turrim stands tall and domineering. Her vertical striations giving her the semblance of elegant structure and fortitude.

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